Best Places to See Moose Near the Grand Tetons

an elk grazing in an open forest field with mountains in the background

Best Places to See Moose Near the Grand Tetons

There are many opportunities for observing wildlife near the Grand Tetons. We’re lucky enough to be home to elk, bison, wolves, mule deer, coyotes, bighorn sheep, and bald eagles, among others, but one of the most popular animals in the area is the iconic moose.

Why the moose? Well, it’s simple: the Grand Tetons are one of the best places in the world for spotting moose, so many visitors come to the area for this reason. For many wildlife enthusiasts, seeing a moose in its natural habitat is a bucket list experience. While we can’t guarantee you’ll see moose near Grand Tetons during your trip here, we can help you with a few pointers.

Think Like a Moose

What does that mean? Well, for one, it means understanding the habits of moose. Moose like to stay close to their food supplies, in marshy areas and willow meadows. Moose are crepuscular, which means that rather than being out and about during the day or at night, they’re most active during the hours of dawn and dusk. In other words, don’t schedule your moose-spotting adventure for noon, because they’re likely to be laying low during this time.

Ask the Experts

Should you visit Grand Teton National Park, make use of its resources to help you find moose—namely, the friendly folks at the visitor center and its knowledgeable park rangers. They can let you know where the latest sightings have been and give you tips that only a local would know.

Visit These Tried-and-True Moose Hangouts

While there are many places to see moose near Grand Tetons, there are two locations that you’ll see recommended again and again: the Oxbow Bend Turnout between Moran Junction and Jackson Lake Junction and Moose-Wilson Road, which links Teton Village with the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center. (Perhaps the name of the road gives it away!)

Oxbow Bend has river flats where moose like to feast in the early hours of day and at dusk. While you’re there, you’re also likely to spot deer, otters, bald eagles, and trumpeter swans. As for Moose-Wilson Road, keep an eye out along the slopes of the roadside and the underbrush and you just might see a moose.

Take a Winter Wildlife Tour

At Rustic Inn, we offer winter wildlife tours—book a tour during sunrise or sunset for your best chances of spotting moose. It just so happens that November and December are the two months of the year when you’re most likely to see moose because they’re not hiding away from the summer heat and they have easy access to one of their favorite foods during this time: bitterbrush.

When you stay at Rustic Inn and join us for one of our Jackson Hole wildlife safaris, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of an experienced guide, giving you the best possible chance to see a moose during your visit to the Grand Tetons.

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