Top 10 Best Destinations for Float Trips

sun shining through the forest near the river

Top 10 Best Destinations for Float Trips

Have you ever participated in a float trip down a river? We don’t mean a local river in your backyard with some innertubes you get at Walmart. Have you ever bought a service or fun package from a business specializing in group float trips down large-scale rivers? If you haven’t, you need to. It’s some of the most fun you can have with friends or family without all the thrills and chills that come from whitewater rafting. Float trips allow some of the most scenic views and unique wildlife perspectives. They can be an excellent way for people with health issues to experience nature without overexerting themselves. If you have enjoyed participating in a well-run professional float trip, you know exactly what we’re discussing. Let’s look at the top 10 best destinations for float trips nationwide!

  1. Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park

The Colorado River offers a beautiful blend of small, sandy beaches, riverside campgrounds, whitewater rafting, and scenic float trips. You can take part in trips ranging from a few hours to days of travel for those looking for the extreme.

  1. The Selway River

Located in Western Montana, the Selway River is like a “cousin” of our list’s #1 ranking destination. The river has bits and pieces ranging from level II to level IV rapids, so there is something for everybody. Much like #1, some world-class freshwater fishing is also available!

  1. Salmon River

Idaho’s Salmon River is on every list you review somewhere because of its uniqueness: The Idaho Batholith formation allows for soaking in hot springs and then dipping into the cool river immediately afterward.

  1. Green River through Lab​y​r​i​nth Canyon

Specifically, the lower part of the Green River. It runs through the Labyrinth Canyon, which means you can enjoy the views and wildlife of Utah’s red-rock canyons, a view you can only get from this river or a plane.

  1. The American River

Located in California, The American River has class II movement sections allowing scenic floats and class V rapids for the pros. We promise that an urban greenway will make you forget that you’re in downtown Sacramento!

  1. North Platte River

We’ll call this one the sister river to #1 on the list! If you’re visiting Wyoming, check out both if you can. The North Platte River allows for fishing-boating-floating combo trips!

  1. Tuolumne River in Yosemite

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the few most famous national parks appeared on the list! The Tuolumne is known as the “champagne of the Sierra” because the water constantly sends up tiny bubbles everywhere, which is a sight.

  1. Gulkana Wild and Scenic River

Unfortunately, it’s located in Alaska, but the Gulkana Wild and Scenic River has a staggering 226 river segments, ranging from class I to class III. Fish, kayak, canoe, float, boat, whitewater raft – you name it, it has it. Nearly 100 different types of Alaskan animals call the river home!

  1. The Rogue River

Like the number 1 ranked river on our list, Rogue River in Oregon is easily accessible because it’s only a 5-6 hour drive from San Francisco, California, a 3-hour drive from Portland, Oregon, and a local airport in Medford, Oregon. Rogue has something for literally everybody and rivals the best river for exposure to scenery and wildlife… The Snake River.

  1. Snake River

At 1,078 miles long, it is the largest tributary of the Columbia River. Snake River has world-class and world-renowned freshwater fishing, whitewater rafting, and scenic raft floating available. Conveniently, the river is easily accessed in several areas near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hundreds of thousands of people a year flock to Jackson Hole for a refreshing vacation, and nearly all visit the river for one reason or another. The float trips are the most scenic in the nation, allowing for life-long memory-making!

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